I make things out of wood. I hope you like them.

I like straight boards with deep woodgrain. I like knots and growth rings and old stains and bug holes and dings and marks and ink that has shown the life of a piece of wood. I like to overbuild. I don't make many dainty things.  I think you should be able to dance on a table.

I've made wood pieces and furniture and art for years, mostly for friends but sometimes on commission. This is a part-time job, but I'd like it to be full-time. I will always do my absolute best to produce something I can be proud of. I love it.

A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll, a little industrial, a little rustic, a little traditional, a little Scandinavian, a little farmhouse, a little American gothic, a little beachhouse, a little colonial, a lot eclectic.

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